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DX-60 Phone & CW Transmitter

DX-60 Phone & CW Transmitter


  • 90 watts phone or CW—80 through 10 meters
  • Neutralized 6146 final amplifier
  • Built-in low pass filter
  • Grid block keying—easy access to crystal sockets
  • Easy to build and operate

DX-60 PHONE & CW TRANSMITTER surpasses quality and performance of units costing more

The DX-60 Amateur Transmitter with its many design features offers more in quality, performance, and dependability than any other unit in its price and power class! Superbly designed throughout, the DX-60 with its high quality components, clean, rugged construction and thoughtful circuit layout makes it an ideal "first" transmitter for the novice. Construction proceeds smoothly from start to finish with the complete, informative instructions furnished. All parts are easily identified and a precut, cabled wiring harness eliminates much of the tedious wiring. The completed unit with its neat, functional panel layout provides for maximum ease of operation.

Circuit-wise, the DX-60 features a built-in low pass filter for harmonic suppression, neutralized final for high stability, grid block keying for excellent keying characteristics and easy access to crystal sockets on the rear chassis apron. A front panel switch selects any of four crystal positions or an external VFO. Controlled-carrier modulator and silicon diode power supply are built in. Single knob bandswitching for 80 through 10 meters and pi network output coupling provide complete operating convenience. A high-quality panel meter shows final grid or plate current to aid in tuning. In every way, the DX-60 represents an outstanding amateur "buy." May be run at reduced power for novice operation. Less crystals.

SPECIFICATIONS—Power output: 90 watts peak, carrier controlled phone or CW. Output Impedance: 50-72 ohm (coaxial). Output coupling: Pi-network. Operation: CW or AM phone--crystal or VFO control. Band coverage: 80 through 10 meters. Power Requirements: 105-125V, 50-60 cps, 225 watts. Dimensions: 13¼" W x 11½" D x 6½" H.

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