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Welcome Heathkit® Fans!

This website pays tribute to the 50s and 60s Heathkit® era, when electronic kit building was a pasttime enjoyed by many electronics enthusiasts and long before computers and the Internet became household words. This commemorative virtual showcase takes you back to the initial Heathkit age which began in the late 1940's and lasted through the early 1990's. Revisit some of your favorite kits and once again experience that excitement of building your first kit–and the hope that the equipment would work the first time you turned on the power.

Heathkit® is alive and well! The company continues to make Heathkits with an East Coast Operations Office in Pennsylvania and a Design Center in California. Please see their website to learn more about the history of the Heath Company and to see what kits and kit parts are now available.

"A Heathkit Story (Past & Present)" provides interesting details about the journey that Heathkit has taken over the years through its mergers, acquisitions and sell-offs. This information first appeared in the Heathkit Owners and Collectors List at and has been reprinted here in the Special Features section courtesy of author Randy Kaeding, K8TMK, one of the hams whoo was still at Heathkit when he wrote the article.

This website does not sell Heathkit® kits or kit parts. Information represented here is taken from Heathkit catalogs and other marketing material. Please see the main Heathkit website for information about kits and kit parts. The archival kit information presented here has been taken from old Heathkit® catalogs. Not all kits are represented in this virtual museum.

Appreciation and acknowledgment is given to the Heath Company for their support and for the use of the Heathkit® trademark and logo.

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